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isewa Services, a global service platform offers NRI’s (Non-Resident Indian) a whole set of core and value added services that will improve quality of life of NRI’s living outside India.
isewa provides a web portal and planning to launch Smart Phone Apps that will allow NRI’s to order services and check status through a single pane dashboard that is bound to change how NRI’s manage their assets and their life back home. isewa set of offerings will give our NRI’s control of their life and change their experience as how they manage and consume services in India.

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I would recommend all NRIs to give iSEWA a try. They know how to take care of your property in India when you are living in another country.


I visited India after 10 years. I hired iSEWA for airport transfer services. They really took care of our needs and we really enjoyed the tour. I would recommend all NRIs to give them a try if you want to make your trip memorable.


How it works

Isewa Platform Features


Very intuitive Dashboard, offering highlights on all your service requests at one place.

Map View of Properties

See all your properties at one place, easy to navigate.

Multiple Offerings

Assistance in finding a good contractor for any repair/maintenance / upgrade work.


you can interact directly with the Isewa support through the portal.

Flexible Payment Options

You can choose from a range of payment options one time or affordable subscriptions.

Real time update

Soon as there is an update available you will be notified on email and you can check it on the portal.


Most frequent questions


Phone: +1 (847) 876-7506 Mail: info@isewaservices.com

How long we are in the business?

Our team of experts have years of experience in the business and that's the reason we have created an online portal to take our business to a next level. Being successful with the experience in the real estate market and having satisfied customers motivates us to expand our business to further reach and add in better services for our customer's.

What is our strength?

Our strength is our commitment to keep on providing quality services to our clients without any hidden charges. We keep transparency in the process.

What background Check we provide?

We will provide you with the background check of person/tenant/purchaser/seller as per the case. A complete report of an individual will help you in making an informed decision before you start any conversation.

How much rent can you receive for your property?

The rent you will receive for your property will be based on several factors such as the value of your property, area of your property, condition and facilities etc.

How many properties you can register?

You can register as many properties as you want i.e. a single person can keep a track of more than one property. Moreover, you can opt for a free trial too.